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Is it OK to use expired Latisse? If you use this medicine after the expiry date has passed, it may not work effectively. The preservative in LATISSE topical solution (benzalkonium chloride) may be absorbed by soft contact lenses.
Is there a generic drug for dorzolamide timolol? Cosopt. Cosopt (dorzolamide hydrochloride- timolol maleate) is a combination of a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor and a beta-blocker that reduces pressure in the eye and is used to treat certain types of glaucoma and other causes of high pressure inside the eye. Cosopt is available in generic form.
Do nurse practitioners need physician oversight? In other states, nurse practitioners have full independent practice authority, meaning they practice independently with no physician oversight. State law in some places allows nurse practitioners to prescribe medications independently without physician oversight.
What kind of food is good for glaucoma? Leafy green vegetables and colorful foods are cited for their protective, disease-preventing benefits, due largely to their concentration of beneficial antioxidants. Flavonol-rich foods, notably tea, green tea, coffee and chocolate, offer preventive benefits that extent to glaucoma.
The cabin, designed by London-based Acumen Design Associates, made its debut on a flight on Tuesday from New York JFK to Fort Lauderdale in Florida. At this time of year, Juan Colomina is preparing for the start of the harvest of thousands of tonnes of fruit and vegetables grown under plastic in southern Spain and exported to bimatoprost the world. What does the U.S. have going for it? At a panel discussion called, The Finance Crisis Lessons Learned from Canada and the Way Forward, at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., Robert Rubin, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, tells Chrystia Freeland what he believes are the U.S.'s good points while also assessing what it needs to do to improve.

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